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We have the best rates in the market for any industry and sector your business is in. We work for your global expansion goals.



Our quality assurance team is focused on assuring outstanding services by providing accurate feedback and workshops and continuing training, to perfect skills needed for a successful business.


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The advantage of outsourcing is not only limited to the services but also gives you the knowledge, proven and working methods on the different fields and sectors you and your business need to cover, it helps you safe time on looking for candidates, hiring, onboarding and training process.


Our Multilingual Family

Angel Espinoza

Angel Espinoza, co-founded Multilingual Interpreters and Translators in 2019. As an experienced medical, educational, and legal interpreter, he sets standards working towards making interpreting services more cost-effective and efficient for everyone in the industry is a priority for the professionals in the field.

Angel is a highly qualified professional with a business administration degree and extensive expertise in the IT field. His skill set is hugely beneficial for the industry he works in. His extensive experience in medical, educational and legal interpreting has made him a leader in the field, setting the highest standards for quality. Through his work, he has strived to make professional interpreting more accessible and streamlined for clients. Angel Espinoza is transforming the sector of professional interpreting with his dedication to excellence and unparalleled expertise.

With over 10 years of experience in BPO, Angel has set up a comprehensive contact center solution for different industries in the U.S and worldwide. Multilingual Interpreters and Translators are employed to offer services and support on a global scale.

Angel is a true innovator in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. For more than 10 years, He has been providing comprehensive contact center solutions to a variety of industries. His most recent venture is Multilingual Interpreters and Translators, an all-in-one contact center solution designed to provide interpreters, translators, customer service, tech support, software engineers and video game and animation developers for any language needs. With his wealth of experience and expertise in the BPO industry, Angel's solutions are sure to be a game changer for businesses all over the world.

Monika Aliaga
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Monika Aliaga has been an integral part of Multilingual Interpreters and Translators since 2019. She is the Global Chief Operations Officer, overseeing the company's largest pool of interpreters worldwide.

She is a highly qualified professional with a Master degree in Business Management Administration from University of Rey Juan Carlos Spain. She specializes in setting up and managing global call centers, providing clients with high-quality customer service and language access solutions on time and within budget, as well as developing strategies to optimize operations.

Her experience with Multilingual Interpreters and Translators has helped her to efficiently manage its resources to ensure that its clients receive quality services at all times. Monika's leadership skills have been instrumental in driving the company's growth over the years. She has used her expertise in business management to create a system of efficiency and accuracy that ensures maximum satisfaction for all clients. She is highly knowledgeable about international business regulations, cultural differences, and language barriers which allow her to successfully manage the operations at Multilingual Interpreters and Translators.

Marcelo Mastroianni
Human Resources Manager

Marcelo's transition from a medical interpreter to a Human Resources manager reflects his dedication to clear communication and enhancing workplace culture. His proficiency in diverse medical terminology has undoubtedly contributed to effective cross-cultural interactions in healthcare settings.

In his role as HR manager, Marcelo prioritizes open communication, encourages professional development, and actively addresses employee concerns, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. His commitment to work-life balance, recognition of achievements, and fair policies reflects his goal of building a motivated team for individual and organizational success.

Jose Torres
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Jose is a highly successful professional who has a passion for computers and technology. He was born and raised in Peru, where he developed his love of technology at a young age.

Jose was a driven and ambitious individual from the start of his career. After completing his education in the IT field, he started as a technology intern and immediately sought to further his knowledge and experience in the industry. His hard work and dedication paid off when he was promoted to Chief Technology and Information Officer within a few years of joining the company. He has since become an authority figure in the IT world, providing sound advice and guidance on implementing new technologies.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of technology and telecommunication services, he has become an invaluable asset to Multilingual Interpreters and Translators. His vast knowledge and expertise in the area have allowed him to help countless companies and organizations around the world successfully communicate their messages in multiple languages. He is a leader in his field and his contributions have enabled Multilingual Interpreters and Translators to grow exponentially over the last decade.

He believes in the power of technology to transform lives and make the world a better place. He is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the IT industry and to using his skills to drive positive change.

In addition to his professional work, Jose is also an active member of his local community. He volunteers his time and resources to various organizations that focus on education, youth development, and environmental sustainability.

Ray de la Fuente
Chief Quality Assurance Officer (CQAO)

I moved to the US with no prior knowledge of the language or culture. It was a new and daunting experience but I'm glad I chose to take it on. It was a tough journey, yet I was lucky enough to receive an education. An honor student diploma from high school and a baccalaureate degree in Methodology. Despite many immigrant families in the US having children who are able to attend school, their own families are often excluded from educational opportunities.

I know from experience how hard it is for Latin people with busy jobs to learn English and converse with native English speakers. For this reason, I volunteered to interpret for family members in middle school, and found that the sense of fulfillment was unrivaled.

I started my path as an interpreter back in 2011. While being a CSI (customer service interpreter), I experienced the same gratifying feeling. Thereafter, I knew it was time for a greater challenge and in 2014 I became an MSI (medical specialized interpreter) and VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) interpreting for the medical field.

For the past three years, I have had the privilege of working as a Quality Assurance Analyst at Multilingual Interpreters and Translators. During my tenure, I have gained extensive experience in managing projects and teams to ensure that our services are of superior quality. I have developed a deep understanding of customer service and satisfaction, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the Interpretation industry's best practices. My background in linguistics has given me an invaluable perspective when it comes to evaluating various translations for accuracy and consistency.

I strive to promote a safe environment where interpreters can reach out with questions and concerns immediately. I understand interpreters need answers sooner rather than later since they may be facing a challenging scenario. I encourage the good practice of interpreting standards by offering coaching sessions and continued training. However, my methodology is based on providing suggestions, tools, and resources.

As a Q.A analyst, I am continuously creating new content for our training center, since professional development is fundamental for our interpreters. Though, the department also emphasizes the importance of motivation and self-care.

“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” — Thomas Jefferson.