Contact Center Solutions

In our Multilingual contact centers you will find different services we can offer from customer service, data entry, sales, schedulers, IT support, software engineering, video game and animation development.

Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are Multilingual, experience and high skill, we have over 200+ customer service representatives working in different sectors such as Finance, Insurance and retail. We understand the importance of having a great customer service for your business that is why we train our agents and have ongoing workshops and trainings to help them grow and specialize within that specific area. But, what does a customer service representative does? Customer service representatives help customers with any level of complaints or questions, solve problems, provide information about a company products and services, take orders, process returns and much more.

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Our sales representatives have years of experience in phone sales and telemarketing guaranteeing the closing of your sales. Our sales representatives are multilingual and are ready to start immediately.

Data Entry

Data Entry

Our representatives are fast and enjoy typing and data entry, they are responsible for transferring data from paper formats into computer files or database systems. Their transfer of data is manually. This data can cover everything, from customers’ information to creating spreadsheets with multiple fields.


Our Schedulers, or Appointment Schedulers, help businesses with administrative tasks by providing customer service, scheduling appointments, for employees, customers or patients. Their main duties include weekly planning of employee schedules, determine appointment lengths and making phone calls to patients or customers regarding their appointment or meeting times

Data Entry